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    Trolling AA support :


    Thank you for having resolved my issue. I know that you are having a lot of difficulties right now and I accept it.
    But in this game, Archeage, time is money, this money gain through time is called Labor and regenerate passively by 5 every 5 minutes when a player is Patron.
    As I wasn't patron for nearly 3 days, I lost approximately 4320 labor points which would have been useful to pay my in-game taxes. Now, to pay them I need to buy some Worker's Compensation from the cash shop which cost REAL money.
    Assuming that I'm gonna need 4 Worker's Compensation to be equal to other players now, I'm going to spend 1200 gems in cash shop item that I wouldn't even need to if Trion had better management of its game.
    The worst part in the case of the loss of Patron status is that after doing some research it appears that only Archeum pack owners lost the status which means that only your Archeage top customers lost money in this game (because Archeum pack was the most expensive if you remember correctly).

    I paid a lot of money for a service and I didn't had it, so are you going to compensate this loss?

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    C'est plutôt le support qui te troll.
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    Archivage avant modération de cette gemme.

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    HAHAHAHA j'aime ce post :dolan:
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    Rage quand je vole un TP à un rouge qui est mort au fond de l'eau dans le port d'Austera et que 2 Knights of Shadow ont tenté de récupérer ScreenShot0021.jpg
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    La suite (ui parce qu'il répond) :
    ScreenShot0022.jpg ScreenShot0023.jpg
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    Mais c'est qui cette future victime powered by Me ?
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    c'est marrant de voir à quel point le mec pense te faire rage alors que c'est l'inverse qui se produit...typique de la réaction de déni
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    Quand Arca m'apprends à naviguer :
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    Vardekrom aime votre message.